Are you doing the work?

“Sometimes you face difficulties not because you’re doing something wrong but because you are doing something right” – Joel Osteen

This quote from my 5-min journal app hit me hard recently. So timely for a reflection I was just doing at that time.

There was a week when I wasn’t feeling great. Everything seemed harder, I was emotional and unmotivated – no, not hormonal. I was just in this weird mood I’m not usually in, feeling sad and low on energy.

All this year I have been doing lots of different things, working on my business, continuing with my personal development and more recently, taking fitness to the next level – yes, more fitness! 🙂

On that Friday morning I had a conversation with one of my coaches, and I couldn’t help myself from crying, and sharing with him how bad I was feeling – we talked about expectations; how allowing myself to feel low was also giving my all; and to let go of the idea of fast and slow. Good. That was very useful and relieving.

Later that day, it was time for my fitness evaluation with my trainer. And unlike everything else, I didn’t have any expectations. What I know very well is that with our body we can not set a time for certain results. I’ve been training and eating clean – not the cleanest I confess, and although I did most of the training plan as scheduled, there were a couple I didn’t do. So I was open to any result, maybe I was going to be at the same body fat and muscle percentages – that was a possibility.

And then these 2 words came out from my trainer’s mouth: “exceptional results”… as if the sky has just opened and I saw light, you can imagine my face now. I was so happy!! And I’m not going to bore you with my fat and muscle percentages, what I want to share here is that at that moment I realised that I’d been putting a lot of pressure on myself.

Even though I feel I could have trained more or harder; I’m not working after hours or on the weekends – as you might know, I prioritise wellbeing. I’m not even waking up super early as I’d like to, but the emotional pressure was there, I didn’t see it. But now I do.

So my message to you is the same I gave to myself a couple of days ago: if you are doing the work, the results will come.

In anything in life, don’t try to be perfect. Just give yourself to it.

Thoughts?… let me know in the comments or send me a message if you can relate.

I’d love to hear from you 😉

Author: Carolina

I used to be a Digital Project Manager with a passion for healthy food and fitness. Now I’m a full-time healthy lifestyle advocate, on a mission to spread the word about the best medicine: healthy life habits. I am a certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach, Les Mills BODYPUMP™ Instructor, and PADI Scuba Diver; I am a sociable and positive individual, I speak three languages and this has allowed me to get to know and understand several cultures. I love learning, and I have achieved most of what I aimed in life. I value justice, empowerment, friendships and a sense of community. I don’t like enclosure, artificial things, nor melon. I enjoy life, and I take care of the planet.

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