What are you celebrating?

Is that time of the year when everything has gone back to “normal”… Do you realise this can be ANY time of the year?

Right after every celebration, holiday, or even the weekend, we go back to what is normal for us. Our routines, habits, and usual lives.

And let me ask you, what’s your normal? Are you happy and excited to go back to it after a break?

The time we start trying to answer these questions is when we take the first step to change. But let me ask you something else: when was the last time you celebrated a small win? Something you’re proud of, something you did for yourself; as silly, tiny, or unimportant it might seem -If you care about it, it is a WIN.

Recently, I asked this in a group chat and encouraged people to celebrate with me their small wins, and later that week, I wrote a post about it on LinkedIn to which I received many nice comments and a couple of direct messages. I wondered why it resonated so much and found something interesting.

According to research, celebrations contribute to happiness and wellbeing. Big celebrations are part of our cultures, human history and expression. And small celebrations, our daily life wins, celebrating these boost positivism, give us a sense of accomplishment, push us forward. Not only is it a mental effect, we actually release chemicals in the brain that make us feel good when we celebrate.

When someone we love shares their accomplishments or does something “worth celebrating”, we feel truly happy and enthusiastic: our friend’s new job, our parents doing something techy, our kids walking for the first time.

So what about our own baby steps? In any area… We want to celebrate those too! In doing that we know we’re moving forward. We encourage and support ourselves as we would do for a friend. 

And we need that! – why? To be present to our own process, to reflect and get in touch with our feelings.

Let’s not go back to autopilot, let’s remember to stop and note where we’re winning 🙂

Author: Carolina

I used to be a Digital Project Manager with a passion for healthy food and fitness. Now I’m a full-time healthy lifestyle advocate, on a mission to spread the word about the best medicine: healthy life habits. I am a certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach, Les Mills BODYPUMP™ Instructor, and PADI Scuba Diver; I am a sociable and positive individual, I speak three languages and this has allowed me to get to know and understand several cultures. I love learning, and I have achieved most of what I aimed in life. I value justice, empowerment, friendships and a sense of community. I don’t like enclosure, artificial things, nor melon. I enjoy life, and I take care of the planet.

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